Dayburn New York is a production company specializing in short-form films and branded shows in beauty, hair, fashion and luxury markets.

Director Charlie Wan who believes his work should provoke emotions from his audience whether they are commercial or passion projects. A former beauty photographer and art director in motion graphic design, Wan have worked on projects including broadcast graphics for MTV, VH1, Syfy, concert visual graphics for The Rolling Stones and stage floor visual design for The Who’s Superbowl Halftime show. After 10 plus years in the motion graphic design industry, he leaped into the world of fashion, hair, and beauty, focusing on live action and event direction. With the all-too-common late night hours in his previous post-production life and the tiresome mentality of “fix it in post” from clients, he opts for all in-camera optical effects for his films and visual work. He loves the magic and simplicity of through-the-lens aesthetic, not an easy task to be replicated with long hours of post-production and visual effects.